04 September 2020

Bespoke furniture award, IYAA Capri Italy: Chiara & Alessandro Quintavalle
Nautilus by Superyacht interior designer Andrew Winch: lux deco
Classis by Winch Design: marine chronometer for art gallery connoisseurs
Nautilus on Here Comes the Sun Yacht.
Exclusive design and house luxury: the lux deco Hotel Quisisana, Capri Italy.
Capri, Italy – luxury setting for Thomas Mercer Bespoke Furniture award.
Exclusive design and house luxury: the lux deco Hotel Quisisana, Capri Italy.

Design et al, with the leading yacht and aviation design magazine Luxe et al, hosted The International Yacht & Aviation Awards that celebrated their 10th Anniversary in September 2020. As the only event to focus on design within the yacht and aviation sectors, the contest has engaged both, over the past decade. thanks to an innovative and fair voting system.


IYAA is the only design-focused awards event for the yacht and aviation sectors with the sole purpose of emphasizing the essential design elements of both industries. The event is the ideal opportunity for designers, naval architects, shipyards, private jet manufacturers and product designers to showcase and promote their work and achieve recognition; from within said industries and beyond.


Flashing back to the previous year, specifically the previous IYAA of 2019, Thomas Mercer’s passion for time keeping, in partnership with David Linley, hand made bespoke furniture supremo, had been rewarded with a win for marine chronometer Aquilo.  How to build on this success – further collaboration, this time by joining forces with tried and trusted partners Winch Design, with their focus on the interior of yachts, and Marmor Hotavlje to create yet another ground-breaking piece, the Nautilus timekeeper.  If further proof were ever needed of Thomas Mercer’s insistence on our exclusive designs achieving perfect synergy with only the most exclusive and meticulous collaborators, this was it.


The streamlined yet physically imposing sculpture is the signature work of world-renowned Marmor Hotavlje. Available in sodalite, golden onyx and azul cielo marble, this art piece measures 95x69x21 cm and is crafted through a meticulous process, achievable only by the hands of impeccably skilled master stonemasons.


Synonymous with the characteristics of the ocean, this sinuous and sophisticated sculpture meticulously replicates the chambers characteristic of fossil shells and is impeccably crafted by the hands of traditional stonemasons. Epitomizing Winch Design’s ethos of beauty, uniqueness and perfect proportion, Nautilus is the ultimate statement piece for a superyacht, to be showcased and admired.


Despite some very strong opposition, the sheer quality of the Nautilus prevailed, and Thomas Mercer again made the happy walk to the podium to receive the Bespoke Furniture award.