Nautilus on Here Comes the Sun Yacht Tellurion on interior yacht Luxdeco, pieces of art on luxury interior over bas relief Nautlius Chronometer on luxurious interior
Welcome to the home page of Thomas Mercer Chronometers. Historic name in British clockmaking, linked with pivotal names like Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Francis Chichester and HMY Britannia, the brand now projects its 160 years of heritage into the 21st century through a new generation of timekeepers Featuring fully-bespoke design, incomparable craftsmanship and finest horology; these objets d’art cater to horological boutiques, superyacht designers, architectural studios and galleries. Elegant and contemporary, innovative yet never losing the classic ethos, these timekeepers are the choice for the most prestigious vessels, exclusive residences and Presidential gifts. Proud of our ‘Made in England’ label, we tirelessly look for new ways to demonstrate our prowess in chronometry design, mechanics and manufacture. We thrive on complexity. Our multi-complicated mechanisms are miracles of miniature engineering. Each piece is constructed by highly qualified craftspeople who painstakingly put together the many components that form a Thomas Mercer chronometer. Not surprisingly, the construction of fine timekeepers takes time. With silent determination, we design innovative mechanisms, elegant dials and exquisite cabinets. Without compromise, we embrace the best of British design and craftsmanship to achieve impeccable style and perfect performance. Hour by hour, day by day, month by month, we turn the accurate measurement of time into an art form.