20 September 2012

Our founder had a sailmaker father and a watchmaker grandfather. in keeping with this dual heritage, the Classis combines the nautical and the horological.

The first Thomas Mercer chronometer of the 21st century is a collaboration between clock-maker and yacht-designer. An innovative gimbals suspension keeps the movement horizontal at sea, upholding Thomas Mercer’s longstanding reputation for precise accuracy. Renowned superyacht designer Andrew Winch created the case, commissioning cabinet-maker David Linley to craft the ebony and macassar body featuring intricate marquetry.


Celebrating horology, yacht design & cabinet-making.

In a limited edition of 10, the Classis takes its form from the shape of a traditional winch. Its technical sophistication is on show, as the mechanism is visible through the dial. The winding key, however, is hidden in a drawer inset into the macassar ebony panel. On the case, satinwood panels feature the names of 12 ships made famous by legendary voyages of discovery. Images of the ships are engraved on the pedestal base.


Ovalising balance

Formed of a helical spring and ovalising balance, the calibre TM0801 confirms Thomas Mercer’s commitment to innovation backed up by heritage and authenticity. Aspiring to the theoretically perfect balance, its ovalising balance features a bar that forces the balance into an oval shape and does not expand or contract with changes in temperature. Coupled with an uncut rim that makes centrifugal errors practically disappear, this leads to a great reduction in residual and ‘middle temperature’ errors.


“ It is an honour to have created the Thomas Mercer Classis. We design yachts that cruise and travel to the furthest coasts of the sea. Marine clocks have been the key technology for marine navigation and Thomas Mercer leads the field with their exquisite timepieces.”

Andrew Winch