28 September 2013

Thomas Mercer Marine chronometer movement
Thomas Mercer Marine chronometer movement

Making marine chronometer, we have a keen spirit of adventure. Respecting our heritage, we have a strong sense of history.

The Shackleton Epic unites these themes. This marine chronometer pays homage to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s intrepid 1916 crossing of Antarctica and its 2013 re-enactment. On both voyages, the crew depended on a Thomas Mercer chronometer to determine longitude. Limited to just 25, the Shackleton Epic acts as a timely reminder of the mariner’s perseverance in treacherous conditions. Designed and manufactured with painstaking care, it is a fitting tribute.


Advanced time-keeping. Fine cabinet-making.
The chronometer case has an asymmetrical stainless steel body featuring precious elements in high-gloss ziricote hardwood inlaid with fine metal settings. Reflecting its inspiration, a map of the Southern Ocean showing the route of Shackleton’s voyage and the recent re-enactment is depicted on the rhodium-plated dial of the chronometer.


A signature piece 
As a further touch of individuality, the signatures of the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton and Tim Jarvis AM FRGS, respectively patron and leader of the centenary expedition, are etched into the reflective surface of the base. The gimbals suspension allows the calibre TM0801 to remain horizontal regardless of the motion of the ship, and permits the mechanism to be rotated to reveal further the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design of the timepiece.


“ The famous quote of Shackleton – For speed across the ice give me Amundsen, for scientific research there is Scott, but in times of trouble pray God for Shackleton – should have included the words; and his Thomas Mercer chronometer.”

Tim Jarvis