06 November 2014

Our illustrious founder, Thomas Mercer, would no doubt approve of this sleek, matt black design. throughout his career, his thinking was far ahead of its time.

The Legacy Black marine chronometer features a case displaying a distinctive asymmetrical body of stainless steel with a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) finish. Its dial combines Geneva stripes (Côtes de Genève) and All Black electroplating. The mechanism, visible through the dial apertures, has a bi-colour finish blending All Black and Rhodium plating. Importantly, the movement remains horizontal, regardless of a yacht’s motion at sea.


Cutting-edge craftsmanship
The Legacy Black combines mechanical precision with the most modern materials. Its AISI 316 stainless steel body is treated with Diamond-like Carbon, a high-tech coating that gives metal surfaces the hardness and wear-resistance of diamonds. Another strength is the mechanism drive, a mechanical spring with a fusee-and-chain system. Like the spring escapement, these inner workings are visible for all to see.


A symmetrical layout and skeletonised plates
The TM0801 mechanism breaks new ground while retaining the classic elements of a pure marine chronometer. With a symmetrical layout and skeletonised plates, the detent escapement has been moved from its traditional place on the back plate to a new position where it can be viewed through the dial apertures. The gimbals suspension allows the mechanism to be rotated to reveal its innovative craftsmanship.