04 September 2017

Inspired to the classic 1980’s Greenwich , this marine chronometer aims to both celebrate the brand ’s dashing heritage and pay tribute to the traditional arts and crafts of British horology .

Evoking the timekeepers jealously guarded today in Flamsteed House at the Royal Observatory and once upon a time used in ships’ wheelhouses to navigate, explore and map the world, the Greenwich is encased in a finely veneered body in macassar ebony and santos rosewood; with inlays in satinwood, this cabinet boasts a very distinctive high-gloss finish that embellishes not only its exterior but also – much rarer – its interior surface. An octagonal bezel invites one to admire both the dial of the chronometer from above, and the case assembly with its double gimbals suspensions. Made for the occasion in gold plated brass, the new case is designed to display the sophisticated mechanism in all its beauty when locked in its reverse position, hence a cylindrical tube and a 15mm thick bottom glass – both in extra-white crystal – offering an all-round view of the movement.


A traditional dial unveiling an innovative movement.
The dial shows a silvered finish with golden applique numbers and two apertures respectively displaying the sine-qua-non specifications of a marine chronometer: chain-fusee drive and spring detent escapement. Working as an infinitely variable gearbox, the former is responsible for delivering the mechanism an ever-constant rate of energy, whereas the latter, with its escape wheel directly impulsing the balance without any anchor or lever in between, increases the escapement’s efficiency, joining together in the perfect combination for accuracy timepieces. Thanks to the reversed chain-fusee drive and escapement platform, the new Calibre TM0803 further enhances the philosophy of showing the beautiful precision engineering from the dial; second and power reserve indicators respectively off-set at 3 and 9 o’clock finally completes this truly individual layout.


“The Greenwich further enhances the Respecting-the-past-reinventing-the-future motto by introducing the concept of future classic, where all the distinctive marks of our heritage are incorporated within and reinvented.”

Joel Mercer