18 September 2017

Thomas Mercer Marine chronometer movement

With glass both evoking the transparency of the water and illuminating the sophistication of Thomas Mercer precision horology, the Crystal celebrates the lineage of marine chronometers: timekeepers invented to accurately navigate the seas.

Created in collaboration with Bohemian glass master Jan Frydrych, the Crystal is a truly unique interpretation of marine chronometry. Illustrious representative of the high-tech glass school, his complex techniques combine basic geometric forms such as spheres, cylinders, cubes, cones with metal microlayers and colourful glass sheets – royal blue being his signature colour – to result in illusory architectural inner spaces and the ‘fourth dimension’ effect.


Celebrating horology and high-tech glass.

In a limited edition of just three pieces, each unit featuring respectively a lead, blue and gold colour glass, the Crystal Marine takes pride in a surface hand-polished with world-class mastery. With the same magnification of a lens, the glass body lights up the beauty and sophistication of the precision mechanism from every angle, and the visual effects are constantly changing as the observer tours around the case.


Marine Timekeeping on show.

Thanks to the reversed chain fusee drive and spring detent escapement platform, the new Calibre TM0803 further enhances the philosophy of showing the beautiful precision engineering from the dial; Working as an infinitely variable gearbox, the former is responsible for delivering the mechanism an ever-constant rate of energy, whereas the latter, with its escape wheel directly impulsing the balance without any anchor or lever in between, increases the escapement’s efficiency, joining together in the perfect combination for accuracy timepieces.


“ As a clock collector I have always been fascinated by marine chronometers, the invention that allowed mankind to determine longitude at sea. It is thus an honour to collaborate with Thomas Mercer, the leading name in the field and still manufacturing these timekeepers the same way they were made two centuries ago: I am confident the reflecting techniques of my works will further enhance the unique features of their mechanisms such as chain-fusee drive and spring detent escapement.”

Jan Frydrych