10 September 2017

The Brittanica’s distinctive body of extra-white crystal reveals octagonal outlines combining complexity and purity in a truly traditional form.

With bevelled glasses lending lustre to the multifaceted shapes of the case, this masterpiece pushes even further the boundaries of contemporary table chronometry. Its flawless crystal components project reflections throughout the whole cabinet, paying joint tribute to the unique craftsmanship behind this feat of clockmaking. Like time, Thomas Mercer’s relentless innovation never stands still, and this Brittanica will leave its bold signature on modern horology.


A crystal lens magnifying a unique movement

Named after the single material with which its cabinet is made, its flawless crystal components project reflections throughout the whole body. The sophisticated cabinet is a feat of engineering in itself, being composed simply of extra white crystals – even its integrated blue dial. Its clear purity is the perfect setting for illuminating the beautiful engineering of the mechanism, boasting the calibre TM0802 with its sine-qua-non chain-fusee drive and spring detent escapement.


Marine Timekeeping on view
By providing an all-round view of the Calibre TM0802, the crystal cabinet bestows on this Brittanica a new interpretation of the brand’s philosophy of showcasing marine chronometry engineering. Working as an infinitely variable gearbox, the chain-fusee drive is responsible for delivering the mechanism an ever constant rate of energy, whereas the spring detent, with its escape wheel directly impulsing the
balance without any anchor or lever in between, increases the escapement’s efficiency, joining together in the perfect combination for accuracy timepieces.


“A true luxury brand is both authentic to its heritage and relevant to its time, and Thomas Mercer guards a two -hundred year old craft by reinventing it for the 21st century ”
Joel Mercer