26 September 2018

Horological furniture fusing Linley’s mastery in cabinet-making and Thomas Mercer’s tradition in marine chronometry, the Aquilo is a multi-complicated timekeeper celebrating the link between timekeeping, astronomy and navigation.

Its name meaning North in Latin and evoking the eponymous star, the Aquilo is inspired by the bow of a yacht and its cabinet made from slip match blue eucalyptus and solid oxidised oak, with several details evoking the sea. Its sophisticated movement boasts 30 days of power reserve and astronomical complications including perpetual calendar, equation of time, 3D moon, zodiac and leap-year.


Royal Seafaring
The mechanism is housed in a case made from marine-grade stainless steel offering an all-around view of the inner workings which can be admired in their entirety, from every angle, free from distortion thanks to a set of extra-white crystals. The base features a subtly engraved rosewind along with a mirror set into the surface so the movement can be reflected thereon. The timekeeper is hand-wound by a turnkey, inspired by the winch on the boat, and stored within the piece. The elegant open-work dial magnifies the intricacies of the multi-complicated movement and replicates the same veneer found in the cabinet. Its counters feature numerals finely obtained through a bas-relief technique, and the hands are steel-made, hand-finished with bluing technique.


Astronomical Views
To mark the launch of the Aquilo, Thomas Mercer introduces for the occasion a completely new movement, the Calibre TM3002. A mechanical feat, this mechanism belongs to the exclusive family of astronomical movements. The equation of time represents the difference between solar time – which varies throughout the year as the earth nears or distances itself from the sun – and our 24-hours-per-day time, based on the worldwide consensus that every day should have the same duration. In addition to the zodiac, the celestial coordinates are completed with a magnificent 3-D moon sphere providing the different phases, combined with a moon age display showing – within the lunation cycle of 29 days, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds – the time elapsed since the last new moon.


“Like horology, making furniture is all about precision. With its beautifully crafted pieces meticulously tucked away, the Aquilo Marine Chronometer is an extraordinary objet d’art that fuses these two universes.Hand- made furniture has a character that is utterly individual and bespoke pieces come alive by connecting their Owners to the hand and soul of the Maker.”

David Linley