09 February 2016

A 6-week sailing and mountaineering expedition testing seamen’s team dynamics and performance is also a testing time for a specially built Thomas Mercer chronometer.

We have supplied a chronometer to the RN and RM Antarctic Endurance 2016, a research programme designed to analyse adventure-training techniques. The chronometer benefits from lessons learned when our founder tested his prototype shockproof suspension in Icelandic waters. His experience led to the ‘Trawler Suspension’ fitted to this model


Perfected on a trawler. Performing on a yacht.
The Antarctic Endurance chronometer’s design draws on our heritage to reintroduce the distinctive ‘Trawler Suspension’, a solution that withstands the violent motion of fishing vessels. In 1910, Frank Mercer took a trip on an Icelandic trawler to experience first-hand the conditions a chronometer suffered in rough seas. After three weeks of testing in different positions and conditions, he designed a new suspension with a shock-absorbing device using a frame supporting the gimbals by means of a spring and a set of handles.


Spring Detent Escapement
The Antarctic Endurance is equipped with the quintessential marine chronometer mechanism calibre TM0801. This shines in its full beauty on the polished mirror plate of the base, which not only reflects the intricacies of the movement, but also features the engraved Antarctic Endurance logo and the motto “Inspire-Educate-Celebrate”.


“With a heritage featuring the attribute ‘Maker to the Admiralty ‘, it is always a profound honour to provide the Royal Navy with marine chronometers and thus reinforce a relationship that has endured for  two centuries.”

Joel Mercer