The world’s
finest chronometers


Crafting precisely engineered marine and table chronometers, we maintain the reputation earned by Thomas Mercer, our revered founder.

Since 1858, our inventive streak has led to many technical breakthroughs in the measurement of time on the high seas, in the air and on land. Today, we create fine, high-value pieces that are regarded as objets d’art as well as precision instruments.



With headquarters in London and English manufacturing, we diligently uphold Thomas Mercer’s British chronometry-making tradition.

We also continue our founder’s focus on innovation and engineering excellence, by partnering talented designers and dedicated craftspeople. In an important link to our illustrious heritage, a fifth-generation member of the Mercer family has a seat on the Board.


“The way in which the integrity of the Thomas Mercer name has been maintained is impressive. I am confident in saying that my grandfather Tony would have been proud to know that his family company is at the forefront of the 21st Century and beyond.”