Proud of our ‘Made in England’ label, we tirelessly look for new ways to demonstrate our prowess in chronometry design, mechanics and manufacture.

We thrive on complexity. Our multi-complicated mechanisms are miracles of miniature engineering. Each piece is constructed by highly qualified craftspeople who painstakingly put together the many components that form a Thomas Mercer marine or table chronometer. Rare and advanced clock-making technologies are often built into our instruments, as we develop new solutions featuring the latest thinking and most innovative materials.



The construction of instruments to precisely measure time cannot be rushed. Each Thomas Mercer chronometer incorporates over 150 years of design and engineering know-how.


Our mission to create design icons requires painstaking research and meticulous attention to aesthetics. We bolster our efforts by collaborating with world-renowned yacht and furniture designers. On every occasion, we ignore passing fashions to create pieces that will stand the test of time.


In the history of marine chronometry, Thomas Mercer is respected as a truly British engineering enterprise. This tradition continues today, as we apply our engineering prowess to overcome new challenges. Mechanical skill and craftsmanship are the foundations on which our reputation is built.


Marine timekeepers were the key technology that allowed intrepid adventurers to explore and map the world. Today, Thomas Mercer is reinventing this heritage with the 21st century generation of marine chronometers. Imaginative and innovative, we have been ahead of our time since 1858.


"Thomas Mercer Chronometers was revived in 2012 and has since re-established itself as a marine chronometer master."

Rob Nudds



Drafting the most accurate technical drawings and gathering the finest materials are vital stages in chronometry manufacture. Similarly, employing the most experienced and skilled craftspeople is essential.


Our dials, cases and mechanisms are made of superior materials such as rare woods, fine leathers, advanced metals and high-performing coatings. The precious woods include eucalyptus, ebony, makassar and ziricote, while the metal components are often plated with diamond-like carbon or rhodium.


Our cases, dials and mechanisms are manufactured with advanced machining techniques that allow us to introduce other complex disciplines such as cabinet making. Our skills in extreme manufacturing help us achieve results that meet the high standards associated with the Thomas Mercer name.


To reinforce our longstanding reputation, Thomas Mercer timekeepers are assembled with the utmost care and meticulous attention to every detail. Throughout the manufacturing process, detailed tests are run to both the casing and mechanism in a relentless drive towards precision and perfection.



Horology is an art and a science. At Thomas Mercer, the study and precise measurement of time is an art, a science and an enduring passion.


Chronometry is an art beyond clockmaking. Artistry is indeed required but the matching of a hairspring to a balance over a variety of temperature is the great challenge. We present this prestigious form of timekeeping through a sophisticated range of calibres, completely Made in England.


Accuracy is at the heart of chronometry and we accomplish this by mastering more than 300 years of know-how. Chain and fusee drive, spring detent escapement and ovalising balance with cylindrical weight are among the essential elements that contribute to precise performance.


Superior timekeeping requires superior finishing. We apply the most refined techniques to elevate the precision and enhance the beauty of Thomas Mercer chronometers. Geneva stripes, perlage, straight graining, circular graining and bevelling are some of the processes used in the finishing of our timepieces.